Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant

Visionary. Civil rights activist. Community organizer. Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant combines sound Biblical teaching, business acumen  and political insight to propel the Body of Christ to action and greater  levels of faith.  

Since his youth, Dr. Bryant has prevailed against the odds – rising  from G.E.D to Ph.D. Prior to pastoring, he served as the national  youth and college director of the NAACP for six years, where he  helped to mobilize over 70,000 youth worldwide in non-violent  campaigns.  

Dr. Bryant, a third-generation minister, was the founding pastor of  Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, Maryland,  acclaimed as the fastest-growing African Methodist Episcopal church  in the denomination’s 200-year history.  

With an undeniable gift to bridge generations from the Civil Rights  movement to the Black Lives Matter era, Dr. Bryant incites change in  the faith community. His ability to reach across social, economic and  political barriers has helped people to not only experience the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ, but to activate success in their  everyday lives. His ministry has become an incubator for  entrepreneurs, homeowners, and the like. Additionally, programs under  his guidance have aimed to spread the Gospel, develop strong leaders,  empower the economically disadvantaged, and challenge social  injustices.  

In December 2018, Dr. Bryant was appointed the Senior Pastor of New  Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia. His leadership  efforts have already begun to strengthen the multi-generational bond  among members, expand community outreach, cultivate families and  expand the church’s cultural significance.