Richard Rose is the president of the Atlanta NAACP Branch, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious civil rights organization. Richard is a 1970 graduate of Clark College, now Clark Atlanta University.

Richard Rose, an Atlanta businessman, and long-time civil rights activist, he was elected president of the Atlanta NAACP Branch in 2015. Richard Rose has been involved with the NAACP and the civil rights movement since his high school days in Memphis, Tennessee.

Richard, a certified public accountant and a businessman has severed the Atlanta area for almost 45 years. As a successful businessman, I have had the privilege of serving my community and businesses with integrity and sound business practices. My diverse client list over the years has included a housing authority and an HBCU; and black professionals and business owners such as a garment manufacturer, a paint manufacturer, retailers and distributors.

I have served as president of the Atlanta Branch since 2015, re-energizing the organization while maintaining a public accounting and management consultation practice. I recognize that each unit of the NAACP as well as its National office must be in the “business” of civil rights that requires a consistent fundraising mechanism, expansion of its membership base, attention to changing communication methodologies, adjusting to changing community priorities that affect mission execution, and constant redevelopment of a business structure that effectively manages these priorities.

As president of the Atlanta NAACP Branch one of my most promising goal is to increase the number of blacks registered voters and to find ways to get more African Americans to the polls.

Since holding office, as president he has implemented great strives and created an app making it the most successful app in getting people in Georgia to the polls.