Theme: HBCUs One of Americas Most Valuable Resources

September 21st– 27th, 2022, Atlanta

The Weekend features an extraordinary competition of HBCU College Queens, an NCAA sanctioned HBCU Invitational Golf Tournament, several powerful workshops, and the signature NBCA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, which highlights and honors deserving HBCU graduates excelling in their field of endeavor for their distinguished service to their country.

About Hall of fame weekend

The Hall of Fame Weekend is the Foundation’s annual fundraiser.  This 3-4 day event promotes the visibility of HBCU’s, while providing a forum for students, alumni, faculty and staff to sharpen their skills and increase their capabilities through workshops, seminars and programs.

The 37th Competition of Black College Queens

The Competition of Black College Queens showcases young African American women from HBCU’s who have been chosen to represent their institution as the campus queen.  The Queens vie for the title of Miss NBCA Hall of Fame.  Winners receive scholarships and prizes.

The 37th Annual NBCA Hall of fame Induction Ceremony

The NBCA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony highlights significant contributions graduates of HBCU’s have made to society by excelling in their chosen field of endeavor.  Each year HBCU graduates are inducted into the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame.

Annual hbcu college invitational golf tournament

The HBCU Invitational Golf Classic attracts the elite Division I and Division II HBCU golf teams.  This is the only golf Classic sanctioned by the NCAA.  The Foundation awards scholarships to participating schools in support of their golf programs.

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Our aim is to advance the reality that HBCU’s are valuable treasures and critical resources that help transform the seeds of potential into the fruits of possibility.  An investment in the NBCA Hall of Fame Foundation and HBCU’s is an investment in the future of America.

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