Ms. La'verne E. Washington

Throughout the tumultuous 60’s music was changing, times were changing as the “peace movement”  of the 60’s turned into the Disco and funk era of the 70’s. As a teen, La’Verne was there to witness it all.  She is now an independent vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist offering over 20 years as a professional in  the music industry. Born and raised in Kansas City, Mo, she grew up in a city known for its great Jazz  and Blues music, its History and delicious BBQ. It was the place where Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Ella  Fitzgerald, and numerous others, recorded and made historic musical events come to life. As a student in  High School, LV also attended the Charlie Parker Academy, where she studied music and at 17 was  personally introduced to some of the greatest legends of Blues & Jazz. She now lives in Washington, D.C  and refers to herself as a “trans-planted Washingtonian”since moving there in the 1980’s.   In the mid 70’s she attended her H.B.C.U Langston University where she minored in Vocal music and Majored in Communications/Journalism. This amazing University was where her Communications and  musical career blossomed. In 1978 La’Verne was crowned Miss Langston University and later was  featured and the first LU Queen to grace the cover of Ebony Magazine, proudly representing LU as part  of Ebony’s’ “college queen edition.” She received the call with the life changing news directly from  Ebony founder, John H. Johnson. Last year, an amazing blessing was the news that the 1978 Ebony  Magazine is now in a permanent display within all of the great 70’s displays, at the National African  American Museum of History and Culture in Washington, DC. (NAAMHC)  

 From 1985 thru 1995, La’Verne worked as the first African American Program Specialist for the  National Endowment for the Arts, Media Program, providing grant funding for Radio and Television  projects including the PBS Series, “Great Performances”, The American Experience and “Jazz from  Lincoln Center, Featuring Wynton Marsalis” along with many Individual Artists. She was then hired by  the Rhythm and Blues Foundation as the Grants Manager and Associate Producer for the Rhythm and  Blues Foundation, Pioneer Awards. This Awards event garnered major publicity and became an official  part of Grammy Week attended by artists and entertainment luminaries in New York, Los Angeles and  Philadelphia. She managed a fund provided by Berry Gordy, Prince and Universal Music, providing help  to legendary artists for Rent, Morgages, Medical needs and Funerals. Even today La’Verne continues to  provide aging R&B legends of the 1950s-1970s with performance opportunities and advice.   La’Verne now works as a Musician and Recording artist, an Event and Entertainment Consultant in  Washington, DC. Her company Specialty Travel and Events, has had contracts with the National Cherry  Blossom Festival, Blues Alley Jazz Club and DC Vote and others.  

 As a musician and vocalist over the years, La’Verne has created memorable musical experiences for audiences large and small. She has performed at venues in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Kansas  City,MO and throughout the midwest and South. She has also worked with a whole spectrum of musical  acts, artists and mentors including Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Butler, Kim Weston, Kathy Sledge (of Sister  Sledge), Smokey Robinson, G.C. Cameron (formerly of the Spinners). When she’s not managing her own  career she has previously managed Philly legend and friend, Dee Dee Sharp.  

 La’Verne authored and self-published her first book “Angels of DuPont Circle” through last year, and is now working on production plans for a 2020 CD release of her original  music, working title, “The Moca Mix.” She has just signed a contract with a U.K recording company to  have her popular 1980s “45” recordings re-mastered for release in the U.K., France and America.   She is thankful for the abundant gifts that God has given her, as she works with youth in the  Community. LV will continue to perform for causes that she believes in, including scholarship  fundraisers for Langston University, as well as featured venues and private corporate performances,  while tirelessly helping legendary artists in their fight for music royalty rights!