Miss North Carolina Central University

Imani Johnson is a woman of faith, creativity and confidence. Born in the concrete jungle, where dreams are made of New York, New York, but raised in the Civil Rights City of Atlanta, Georgia, Imani accredits her roots for branding her into the woman she is today. Her experiences have shaped her to develop passions for poetry, fashion, politics, and art. Since the age of nine Imani has been involved in civic engagement work. Within our campus community, Imani is a senior political science and business student with a superb GPA. As a woman who wears many hats, Imani, always has shoes to match. Whether it is heels for Capitol Hill as an effective lobbyist of HBCU issues, or on the rare occasion sneakers for dorm storming across campus to spread the message for students to get out and vote. Imani’s shoes have carried her from New York, Atlanta, to now her home of Durham, North Carolina where she serves as an active participant around campus and in the community. As an intern for Durham City Hall, a researcher for the US Department of Education, an HBCU Voting Advocate, member of the Student Government Association, Collegiate 100 Black Women, Aspiring Eagles Academy, and the reigning Miss North Carolina Central University, Imani works to continue all of her efforts to engage, enlighten and empower all of those around her to promote her true passion of enhancing civic engagement. Imani’s mission as Miss NCCU is to remind students that there is blood pumping through their veins and a purpose to their life because they are royalty. Upon graduation, Imani plans to further pursue her education in public policy and law to work as a community organizer and social entrepreneur. She is a woman of action filled with a heart full of passion.