Randall Barnes, HBCU Pulse founder, wrote an extensive reflection on his experience meeting NBCAHOF Legacy Lecture Series panelist, Jamila Mustafa. On Friday, November 13, 2019, Fort Valley hosted a Legacy Lecture Series. The Series are dedicated to motivating young adults – African Americans in particular – to develop leadership behaviors as they embark on the transition to manhood or womanhood. The lectures focus on the development of professional character, ethical standards, entrepreneurship and leadership skills that will empower the next generation of future leaders as they prepare for and embark upon the ever changing world and work place.

Randall shares, “… this moment with Jamila hit differently. For the first time, it really occurred to me that I was on the right path. I spoke upon what I wanted and it came to me in a larger quantity than I’d even expected. I got more than a picture or video with Jamila. I feel as if I’ve made a connection with someone that will help me in getting where I want to be in my career after I graduate next month.

I don’t truly know what the future holds. However, I realized that I have to step out on faith and affirm what I believe in. Sure, the road won’t be easy and storms come but the only things storms do is block the sunshine. And, I felt that the NBCAHOF lecture and my opportunity to meet Jamila Mustafa will illuminate my light for years to come.”

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