Dr. Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander, PhD is a retired  research scientist at the Division of Research (DOR) Kaiser Permanente  Northern California. He is the former Assistant Director of the Medical Effectiveness Research Center for  Diverse Populations, University of California at San Francisco. 

Dr. Alexander is a cardiovascular epidemiologist who is committed to improving health outcomes of  marginalized communities. The effects of racism and social class on health are of particular interest to Dr. Alexander.  He is a member of the National Executive Committee 100 Black Men of America, and Co-Chair of the Health  and Wellness Committee of 100 Black Men of America. He is an advisor to  numerous community organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Dr. Alexander has published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the Journal  of the American Medical Association, the American Heart Journal, and other  peer reviewed journals. Dr. Alexander’s research interests include:  cardiovascular disease, geriatric epidemiology and child health. He is  currently the Executive Director of Youth Movement, a community based  initiative dedicated to improving the health, fitness and well-being of Black  children. 

  • Bachelors Degree, University of California, Santa Cruz, Biology
  • Masters in Public Health, University of California, Berkeley 
  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley, Epidemiology