Dr. Keba Richmond-Green Licensed Marriage & Family Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, Consultant, Published Author, International Speaker, and Visionary.

Keba Richmond-Green, M.A, has over 10 years of experience in the Criminal Justice field. She has interacted with culturally diverse people in many different capacities. This experience has allowed her to obtain an excellent command of written and verbal communication with special aptitude for regulations, standards, and procedures. She has experience with written ordinances, testifying in legal proceedings and possesses a high standard of excellence with strong attention to detail. As a supervisor and trainer her solid presentation skills command attention while representing various departments at civic events and meetings.

Keba completed her PhD in Public Policy/Public Health from Walden University. Keba received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice at University of Phoenix. She has received her MA in Community Counseling and certified Marriage & Family Therapy. Certified in many areas of leadership management and crisis intervention training affords her the title expert as a mentor, workshop presenter, and group facilitator. She is dedicated to the empowerment and education of youth through her no-nonsense approach by promoting accountability, responsibility, and integrity.