HBCU Pulse Founder, Randall Barnes meets Jamila Mustafa at Legacy Lecture Series



Randall Barnes, HBCU Pulse founder, wrote an extensive reflection on his experience meeting NBCAHOF Legacy Lecture Series panelist, Jamila Mustafa.  On Friday, November 13, 2019, Fort Valley hosted a Legacy Lecture Series. The Series are dedicated to motivating young adults – African Americans in particular – to develop leadership behaviors as they embark on the transition to manhood or womanhood. The lectures focus on the development of professional character, ethical standards, entrepreneurship and leadership skills that will empower the next generation of future leaders as they prepare for and embark upon the ever changing world and work place.

Randall shares, “… this moment with Jamila hit differently. For the first time, it really occurred to me that I was on the right path. I spoke upon what I wanted and it came to me in a larger quantity than I’d even expected. I got more than a picture or video with Jamila. I feel as if I’ve made a connection with someone that will help me in getting where I want to be in my career after I graduate next month.

I don’t truly know what the future holds. However, I realized that I have to step out on faith and affirm what I believe in. Sure, the road won’t be easy and storms come but the only things storms do is block the sunshine. And, I felt that the NBCAHOF lecture and my opportunity to meet Jamila Mustafa will illuminate my light for years to come.”

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Paul Quinn College Puts Focus On Mental Health So Students Can Thrive

The Dallas News reports that Paul Quinn College, located in Dallas, has launched a mental health campaign available to all students. Just a few years ago, the historically black college in southern Dallas had one of the lowest graduation rates in the nation — so low that had to be rounded up just to hit 1%.

President Michael Sorrell was at a loss as to why.

“We thought we were doing good,” Sorrell said. “‘We’re bringing you out of that environment and you’ll be safe. And life will be great.’ … It took us a while to understand that that was a product of trauma.”

Those living in poverty are about twice as likely to suffer from mental illnesses, according to a 2016 federal report.

With the help of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, they discovered that the core of the problem was trauma and many of the students were suffering from PTSD. Students were carrying the emotional burdens of tragic past experiences from their upbringings and environments and some were carrying the weight of being first-generation college students on their shoulders.

The program includes an initial assessment of incoming students, a free mental health clinic on campus, and promotion of wellness activities throughout campus.

Board Member, Quentin Roach Named to NAM Board Executive Committee

Congratulations to one of our Board Members, Quentin Roach on being named to the Executive Committee of the National Association of Manufacturers!

NAM The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) announced that Quentin Roach, chief procurement officer and senior vice president, global supplier management and global supply business development for Merck, has been named to the Executive Committee of the NAM Board of Directors. As an NAM Executive Committee board member, Roach will work to advance a manufacturing policy agenda that promotes growth and prosperity for all Americans.

The NAM is the largest industrial trade association in the United States and the nation’s leading advocate for manufacturing. The NAM’s 14,000 members include some of the world’s most iconic brands, and more than 90 percent of its members are small and medium-sized businesses. The Executive Committee of the NAM Board, which comprises leaders representing companies of all sizes in every industrial sector, is the driving force behind the NAM’s advocacy efforts on issues affecting manufacturers.

Quentin Roach - NBCAHOF Board Member
NBCAHOF Board Members