Andrew Young Emerging Leaders Institute 2023

Ambassador Andrew Young surrounded by students at the luncheon

The Andrew Young Emerging Leaders Institute, held from June 4-6, was a successful event that brought together over 25 students from 17 different colleges and high schools. The institute provided a platform for these students to develop their leadership skills and gain valuable insights from renowned leaders. The event was made possible with the support of sponsors such as Wells Fargo, Southwest Airlines, and Georgia Pacific, whose contributions played a vital role in its success.

The students had the opportunity to learn, network, and engage in meaningful discussions, empowering them to become future leaders. The event served as a catalyst for personal growth and the cultivation of a diverse and dynamic network among the attendees. Overall, the Andrew Young Emerging Leaders Institute and The National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame Foundation was a transformative experience for all involved, thanks to the support of its sponsors and the commitment of the participating students.